‘BMG’ April 1970 ‘From a Bath Chair’ R. Tarrant Bailey on receiving a Christmas tape “...... Even I, who knew Joe Morley so well; made cylinder records of his playing fifty years ago and joined with him in playing banjo duets, find it difficult to realise that the wonderful banjo playing to which I am listening is not that of the composer of those difficult tunes himself producing the old thrill and delight.......” “ The perfect renditions are the outcome of Mr. Ball’s devotion to, and respect for, the composers of the works he performs.....”

‘5 Stringer’ Winter 1974 Eli Kaufman reviewing the ‘Banjo Classics’ L.P :- “Bill Ball is without doubt the finest fingerstyle banjoist now active in England. An immaculate musician with a powerful tone, he has a real flare for these Morley and Grimshaw pieces.”

‘BMG’ Jan. 1974 George Barnes reviewing ‘Banjo Classics’ :- “Having heard , among others the masterly playing of Vess Ossman, Fred Van Eps, Joe Morley and Tarrant Bailey Junior, Bill Ball’s splendid performance warrants him being included in the Small circle of “greats” in the banjo world.”

‘Bluegrass Unlimited’ July 1977 Frank J. Godbey reviewing “A Banjo Galaxy - The Classic Banjo of William J. Ball” :- “For bluegrass pickers the main appeal of this album will be Mr. Ball’s astounding technique. He plays things with amazing ease that have not yet been thought of by even the most advanced bluegrass banjoists ....” “So if your horizons are broad enough to consider an approach to the banjo that offers more than something exactly-the-way-Earl-did-it ......” “The question that keeps recurring is ‘how does he do that?’

‘Pickin’ July 1977 Daniel P. Dern reviewing “A Banjo Galaxy - The Classic Banjo of William J. Ball” :- “This is an incredible find! William J. Ball has added a whole new dimension to the banjo with this album......” “Discovering William Ball is like happening on Julian Bream after long years of Doc Watson. It’s a banjo, accompanied by a piano, playing long compositions that evoke Liszt, and Brahms’ piano music .....” “I am quite sure that Bill Ball could raise the roof at any Bluegrass event.”

BMG’ June 1971 ‘Sittin’ Pretty’ by “Hick” (Frank Hickenbottom) “They still class it (the banjo) with the banjo-ukelele comic singers, with the brash plectrum bashers of fifty-year old overworked evergreen pop songs......” ”They have never heard the true five-string banjolike Bill Ball plays it.” “The Bath Chairman had been holding back this tape for the event of the day. Here was absolute perfection - the tone, the musical interpretation, the faultless precision of the playing even in some of the most difficult solo’s ever published....”

‘BMG’ April 1972 R. V. Shelton reviewing the Caxton Town Hall recital on March 4th :- “Finally Bill Ball again, with Grimshaw’s “Return of the Regiment”, Morley’s “Banjoland” and “Egyptian Princess” - what a glorious performance this!”

‘BMG’ June 1972 R. V. Shelton reviewing the Camden Town Hall concert on April 15th :- “W.J.Ball - what can one say about this virtuoso? Old Joe himself seems to be nodding approval all the time W.J is playing. The five-string banjo never had a better exponent.”

‘The Banjoists Broadsheet’ December 1979
review of the “Banjo Highlights” L.P :- “It is without doubt the most musical banjo playing, without exception, that I have ever heard on record.” “There is nothing boring about any of the solo’s on this record, which there often is on many banjo records. In fact I think that most of these tracks could be taken as definitive.”

‘BMG’ August 1972 R.J.R White reviewing HTV’s “This Is The West” programme, July 3rd 1972 :- “He is, quite simply, one of our best players and his quality is by no means limited to a physical mastery of the instrument. He has complete technical control, which enables him to transcend the tasteless and tiresome pyrotechnical displays which so many banjo enthusiasts seem to regard as the sole criteria of excellence.”

‘Banjo Times’ June 1992 David Price reviewing Bill’s first American tape :- “This quaint, esoteric music will sound dated to the non-aficionado but I feel it’s time to move out of this time warp to compose something new for classic banjo with some new harmonic subtleties and more musical thoughts from this end of the twentieth century. The classical guitar began life with similar ‘folk’ utterences...... It is light years ahead of the classic banjo.” (David is never knowingly outspoken)

‘The Five Stringer’ Issue 173 1992 - 1993, review of Bill’s recital for the Fall Rally :- “As usual, William Ball showed himself to be a master of the five-string banjo. His tone and touch were beautiful and varied, his phrasing and interpretation impeccable.”


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