The Unique Joe Morley - Dedicated to the life and music of the great English virtuoso and composer

The American Banjo Fraternity
- The ABF has kept classic banjo music alive since 1948 !

The Classic Banjo Home
- A vast resource of downloadable sheet music, midi files with history, photo’s etc

Classic Banjo Midi Files
- Bill Talley’s juke box of classic banjo midi files and printable sheet music

Vintage Banjo Makers
- A comprehensive reference of 219 antique banjo makers for your banjo addiction

The Zither-Banjo Web Site
- A site proudly devoted to the zither banjo, its players, composers and music

Clifford Essex
- An iconic name in banjo circles, here is information on the CE range of classic banjos etc

The New Criterion Banjo Orchestra
- Photographs of old banjo bands and sound samples of the NCBO

Rob MacKillop
- New to the classic banjo world, Rob’s playing is exquisite. Lots of video links !

Black Tie Banjo
- Geoff Freed, banjo and Ann Frenke, piano - some great playing and a CD is available


My thanks to everybody involved in setting up this web site, particularly to my wife Jan whose advice and knowledge of design and page layout etc has been enormously helpful. Thanks also to :- Eli Kaufman for his services to the Classic Banjo world, permission make use of the ‘ A Banjo Galaxy’ LP liner notes and his help with CD sales in America. Gordon Dando for his friendship, advice, enthusiasm and love for the Classic Banjo, and for his permission to make use of his films of my fathers playing. Rebecca and Jerry Schneider, Bills American friends who made him very welcome when he visited their country and helped produce the 1991 and 1994 recordings. Thanks also for the photo of Dad’s CE Professional.

And finally my thanks to my father without whom, for several reasons, this site could not have been made. The collection of scrap books and photograph albums I inherited from him on the 12th April 2000 have formed the basis of this site.

Palladium Rag Morley

Pompadour Morley

Mr Jollyboy Grimshaw

Ad Astra Morley

The Banshee Grimshaw

Mr Punch Morley

Freckles Morley

A Desert Trail Morley

Butterfly Morley

Palladium March

London Club Parade Morley

Banjo Frolic Morley

Keeping things in the family, here’s a link to the ‘Smoky Mokes Banjo Quartet’ playing Abe Holzman’s ‘Smoky Mokes’ in 2008. Fred Determann, Richard Thompson, Anthony Peabody and Terry Woodgate.

Smoky Mokes Holxzman